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Welcome to my Marblehead-project site.

Here i will share my experience of building a Marblehead from a drawing by Graham Bantock. 
It's the second Marblehead i build on my own. The first one was a Wafer built in 1994. 
All the rigs and radio equipment was ok, so i only needed a new hull to get up to date with the faster boats.

Update 2005-01-21, Ten thousand hits!!
Wow, i knew there where som interest in reading about boatbuilding projects, but not this much...

A second boat has been built from my plug by Per Mårtensson in Tranås, Sweden. It's faster than mine, or he is a better sailor. Whatever. But it goes very fast..
I have decided to keep the boat (there was a "for sale" sign here for a few months)
I'm not finished in this class yet...

Part 1
The drawing and the plug.

Part 2
Finishing the plug.

Part 3
Moulding the hull

Part 4
More on the hull and moulding the deck

Part 5
Putting it all together and weight

Part 6

My old boat SWE-91...

...looks like this. It's a Wafer (Bantock design from early nineties) made a bit beamier than normal. I think it's about 2-3 centimeters wider than the original. I didn't make the plug, that was Bengt Oknemark. I borrowed the plug and made the boat in the winter of -93 to -94.

The reason i had to build this boat was that both my boats had been stolen. It was a Lady Jane and a Bantock design called "No Secret" (Built by Björn Nygaard according to the papers i still have). Thankfully my insurance company was very understanding and generous. Quite a bit thanks to Ulf Neumann who was the "expert" telling them the value of the boats. The insurance money got me all the stuff i needed to build one very good boat. I bought most of it from Ulf and Sails Etc.

The basic layout of the boat is very much "Bantock". As you can see on the picture to the right. Fin, finbox, A-swing and B-swing rigs are all from Sails Etc. C and C2 are Walicki rigs on a mast-stub arrangement seen in the picture below. The winch is an RMG-winch from Australia. Bought after i burned up two Whirlwind winches in one season. This one is called "smart-winch"... 

The fin is lenghtened due to a mishap when changing bulb. 
I heated the bulb to soften the epoxy it was glued with. But the fin cracked and left me with a fin that was too short. I thought i might as well make it longer when i was repairing it. It's now right on the limit of the allowed depth.

I won the 1994 Swedish National Championships with it, sold it one year later, and bought it back in the spring of 2002. I have had a bit limited success with it, except that championship and a race in Tranås in Sweden last summer. It's a bit too heavy in light winds but i have yet to be left behind in stronger winds, especially in flat water. It goes like a rocket with the Walicki C and C2-rigs with kevlar sails made by Ulf Neumann ten years ago.

Well, it's now replaced with a Monarch hull.